Oscar #Worldpeace releases a collaboration that’s catchier than Covid-19

Text: Pete Wilson

Oscar #Worldpeace just released the video for ‘Mmm’ - collaboration with Ragz Originale and BenjiFlow. The tune has been teased all week on their Instagram’s, getting the IAMNEXT whatsapp group very excited. The full debut does not disappoint.

The spacey beat will have you turning your sub right up. The overall sound feels like an evolution for Oscar #Worldpeace, with a more melodic delivery from what we have come to expect.

It’s nice to see these three MC’s go back to back, especially with such effortless deliveries that pepper tight bars and catchy flows throughout the concise runtime.

Joshua Fry directs the colourful video that catches the vibe just right, especially when we see Oscar #Worldpeace body popping in front of a chunky G Wagon. This tune is a delight, and will be on heavy rotation for the rest of my lockdown. The handful of releases we’ve seen from Oscar #Worldpeace recently have got me chomping at the bit for his upcoming album ‘Sporadic’, which is set for release on the 8th of May – one to look forward to.

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