The days are getting longer, we're stepping into spring, so here's the perfect playlist for this week's park sessions



Young Dolph and Key Glock have established themselves as an iconic duo, mastering their

trap inspired style. The new tape, ‘Dum and Dummer 2’ is a 20 track project with a range of

slick tracks. Producer ‘BANDPLAY’ sets the tone on ‘I’m The Type’, while Key Glock flows

over the beat with smooth one liners.


Dreya Mac burst onto the scene last year with ‘Skippin’, an energetic track both visually and

sonically, which, showcased her talent. The West London artist has continued to gain

recognition, earning her a debut Colors show. Performing ‘Time’, Dreya Mac does not

disappoint. Switching up her delivery over a piano based sample she demonstrates her

impressive vocal ability with a catchy hook.


On his second single of the year, Len has blessed us with another anthem. With pretty much

all of Len’s music (particularly of late), it is incredibly easy to detach yourself from whatever

you’re doing and just absorb this surreal energy, where you can find yourself fully immersed

in an ethereal-like atmosphere which Len never fails to create. ‘Kylie Minogue’ is no

exception. The hypnotising beat, produced by Kovxni, along with Len’s ability to exhibit his

charisma throughout the entire track with his unique delivery, leads to this brilliantly made

banger. Since the release of his second album, Days Before Interstellar, Len has been on a

steady but immensely consistent run, and it now appears that the South London artist has

finally found the formula to continue to grow.


Play Ball is another rock and hip-hop blend from versatile newcomer Kenny Mason. Hailing

from Atlanta, which seems like the production site of talented US rappers, Kenny Mason is

an exciting new prospect. His unique sound is enticing and fresh and Play Ball is one of his

best releases to date.


BROCKHAMPTON are back after their year-long hiatus. Picking up where they left off, everyone's favourite boyband BROCKHAMPTON enter 2021 with a heavy-hitting banger in BUZZCUT alongside enigmatic rapper Danny Brown. Frantic, wild and mosh-pit ready, the energy on the track is begging to be blasted at every festival when the time comes; in the meantime the trippy visuals will have to suffice. The song is worth checking out

for its music video alone, which is a hallucinogenic-inspired visual display that is perfect for

anyone who’s always wanted to see Danny Brown climb out of someone’s mouth. Turn this one all the way up to 11!


The alt-UK Rap scene is exploding with talent currently, and DC and Knucks show no signs of letting up. Smooth as ever, the two compliment each other perfectly, parading their laid-back, subtle flows and equally as sharp lyrical ability - do we dare hope for a collab project soon? All eyes are on them over the coming months.


Florida rapper Rod Wave released his album SoulFly this week and one of my favourite

songs off this project is the song Tombstone. Rod Wave is known for baring his soul out in

his songs and this song epitomises it. This song speaks about how the struggles he has faced in his life and how he is able to be buried in peace and write on his tombstone how he has provided for his family because of his success. Although this may sound morbid it shows

how far he has come in his life. The project as a whole is a great listen but it might draw a

few tears out.

Check all of these and more on the official Spotify playlist:


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