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Northampton's poster boy Slowthai is back with his follow up to his iconic debut Nothing Great About Britain, and it looks like second album syndrome is no issue for the enigmatic rapper. Split by two discs, side one is a heavy collection of mosh-pit ready bangers, including features with Skepta and A$AP Rocky, whilst the second side is way more introspective and somber - for all his controversies this album has certainly set him up for a fascinatingly diverse musical future. ‘i tried’, the first track on the second side of the album is symbolic of slowthai’s development. Sampling ‘I tried’ by Trey Gruber, the production is slowed, suiting the rappers distinct tone and delivery.


South-West London artist Danny Sanchez graces us with a sincere and heartfelt track on ‘Too Much’. He reflects on the issue of attachment, and how he is reluctant to commit to the woman that he has been seeing, hence he sings on the hook – “But this all feels like too much”. The rawness of the hook, combined with his mellow raps and intricate melodies over the stripped-back production, altogether makes for a crisp and stunning ballad.


One of the best songs from Headie One’s Edna deluxe is his collaboration with Canadian artist NorthsideBenji “Showed me “. The songs starts with NorthsideBenji singing the chorus, talking about how it hard to trust anyone anymore and how it’s hard to recognise who is real anymore. Headie comes on the song with more of a relaxed vibe compared to his normal flow, but he is still talking about how his life has changed and his past in the streets. This collaboration is one of many NorthsideBenji’s with UK artists, he has also worked with artists such as Chip and Nines. Hopefully there will be more collaborations between Canadian artists and UK artists.

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