Your weekly roundup of the freshest tracks dropped this week!


‘Glitter Ain’t Gold’ – Jay Lewn ft. Jaz Karis

On this soothing and delicate track, Jay Lewn and Jaz Karis create a dream-like ambience that will have your head up in the clouds. The beat transition which Jaz Karis seamlessly glides over in the last minute of the song is magnificent. It all makes for an appetising song, as the Watford artist and the South London songstress prove to make for a sublime duo.

‘Just One Of Those Days’ – Monét

Monét channels a warm and heartfelt energy on ‘Just One Of Those Days’. The South-East London songstress possesses an exceptional voice, and on this track she matches this with dreamy melodies, which culminates in a brilliant and soulful ballad.

'Thanksgiving – Benny The Butcher'

Benny The Butcher’s new track Thanksgiving is our first taste of his upcoming solo album ‘The Plugs I Met 2’. Benny has a lot to live up to following the success of the prequel to this album (‘The Plugs I Met’) and judging from this track, in which he recalls his experiences as a hustler in New York while calling on the game to thank him for everything he’s done, the sequel is sure to be a classic.

'WHAT U WANT – Lancey Foux ft Skepta'

Skepta and Lancey boast about their lifestyles on the high-energy, adrenaline-fuelled track ‘WHAT U WANT’. Their fourth collaboration keeps in line with the aggressive sound of Lancey’s new project and does not disappoint.

'Don’t Forget – Blxst, Drakeo the Ruler'

Blxst is back with two new singles released under the title ‘Just for Clarity’. Don’t Forget is a chill, charming track with a refreshing hook. The upbeat, smooth vocals make the song feel like sunshine shining on the back of the neck.

'6 For 6' - Central Cee

With the release of Central Cee’s project Wild West, after listening to it one of favourite songs from it is 6 for 6. Produced by Young Chencs, the song details how he came from a life of struggle and how he is up, and people are jealous of him for it. He’s also giving advice for the younger generation to stay in school, but he does realise that he is being a hypocrite by saying that. But overall, this is a very good song from an all in all solid project.

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