Words: Alex Machin

“I don't know if you lot know but my guy Tiggs is the man for the bangers, you know”

Tiggs Da Author has been a noticeable name in the UK rap scene, boasting a range of features on well-known tracks.

Forging an established relationship with Nines, the duo combined to make ‘Oh My’ and ‘NIC’, two of the best tracks on the albums.

Yet this is only a snatch of Tiggs Da Author’s discovery. On LD’s ‘Detention’ the artist holds the track down with a soothing hook. He is sonically adaptive, as displayed on Juls’ ‘Maayaa’, an authentic afro-beat tune.

All these qualities come to the fore on his debut album ‘Blame It On The Youts’. It’s a conceptual yet upbeat project influenced by the artist’s South London and African heritage.

The artist corresponds African inspired sounds, like that on ‘Zulu Gang’ with deeply personal narratives such as that on ‘Suitcase of Sins’. These are joined with more traditional UK rap beats such as that on ‘Fly Em High’ featuring Nines, with the partnership producing another hit.

The album is rhythmically inspired. It combines efficient instrumentation and melodic hooks to create an upbeat sound. This is best demonstrated on ‘Hands Up’, a catchy track with a range of different tempos where Tiggs Da Author showcases all his qualities. The song symbolises his progress.

It was clear the South London artist was talented, but his ability to create a project that meshes a range of vocal styles with excellent instrumentation proves that he is a top artist in his own right.

Be sure to check out Tiggs Da Author’s excellent debut album!


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