Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Words: Milly Lupton

Jvck James (our UK R&B King) has unleashed a new, private, instagram page..

Following comeback hit 'No Drama', the singer also launches his EP 'Joyride' on 12th March. The stylish visuals that dropped with 'No Drama' showcase Jvck James' dancing talents, a side we haven't seen from the soul star yet, shot and directed by UK director Fenn O’Meally (Jorja Smith, Wu-Tang, Stormzy).

Jvck speaks on the track's inspirations and his new era as an artist. And YES that is a Aaliyah reference in the hook..

“This new single embodies everything I loved about the 90s R&B era. From the iconic imagery, to the grouped choreo. Back in the day I would mirror dance routines from my favourite music videos on MTV, wishing one day to be able create my own stamp on the genre! R&B is really all about the feeling, being able to translate that over with your voice, lacing it with harmonies (my favourite part) and then embodying that emotion through style and movement. Feeling truly blessed to be able to finally kick start this era with the track I’ve probably spun the most out of all my records!”

But, the elusive new instagram page? We're expecting first access to tunes, sneak previews and who knows what else. Follow here and join us in counting down this highly anticipated project. R&B is back! (Did it ever really leave..?)


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