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Tantalising flows & gorgeous jazz-infused production, it's KIERON BOOTHE..


If anyone is next up in deserving increased recognition, it is Kieron Boothe.

An artist who is constantly expressing himself to the fullest and is tremendously relentless in unleashing his talents when called upon, is the ultimate demonstration of an artist who has become truly confident with their sound. These words are perfectly apt for East London emcee, Kieron Boothe, whose sharp lyricism combined with an array of tantalising flows over the most gorgeous jazz-infused production, has been gracing the capital’s underground scene over the last few years

For fans of the great J Dilla, listening to Kieron Boothe’s music brings a strong sense of gratification. The jazz rhythms mixed in with the boom-bap takes the listener into a realm of relaxation; it’s clear the influence of Dilla runs deep in Kieron’s music. But, the fact that he can successfully approach this sound with his raps, is what earns him a greater level of respect from his peers and his audience.

On ‘Timeless’, a single released back in 2018, Kieron raps “I make music that ain’t easy to digest”. Whilst the mainstream UK rap fans may concur with that statement, there is a growing market emerging of artists that are making ‘alternative’ hip-hop sounds in the country and they’re beginning to attract strong fanbases as a result. Recently, the likes of Knucks and ENNY have demonstrated that there is a lane out there for this bubble of artists, and if anyone is next up in deserving increased recognition, it is Kieron Boothe.


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