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Dreamy and intoxicating, our eyes are on JAYDONCLOVER..


Birmingham's Jaydonclover has been quietly encapsulating audiences with her dreamy, vulnerable stories of young romance on her 2020 release 'Recovering Lover.' Reading as a secret invitation to her diary, the album is filled with tales of love, pain and heartbreak, scattered with some candid answerphone messages to the backdrop of some sparsely produced, jazz-tinged lo-fi.

Not quite in the bracket of traditional R&B or Soul, her sound is a little more daring and experimental; it's difficult to box in, but another testament to the UK's ever growing alt-R&B scene and the project has definitely placed her voice as one to watch for 2021.

Growing up on the sounds of Jhene Aiko and inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu, it's not difficult to see how strong female voices influence the singer-songwriter, and there are arguably echoes of NAO's cadence in her music too, but her unapologetically Brum twang gives her an added edge which elevates her sound with a greater emotional weight.

Her most recent release with South London rapper Danny Sanchez 'Callme' is smooth, jazzy butterty cut about the longing for a lover to reply to her phone calls. Filtered, moody, spacy - her sound is deeply honest and her inflection and accent certainly set her apart from her peers. One thing's for sure; if her love interest won't pick up the phone, then we definitely will.

A name you soon won’t be able to forget. You heard it here first! #IAMNEXT

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