UK vs US Clash trends on Twitter

Words: Pete Wilson

A positive of the Coronavirus lockdown has been seeing rappers and producers clash over social media.

Skepta and Jammer floored their fans with rhythms during their sound clash a couple of weeks ago.

Likewise watching the RZA in a sleeveless zip-up go song for song with DJ Premier over Instagram kept me up far past my bedtime.

As the lockdown continues there is a new trend on Twitter – UK v US Clash.

The Grime scene’s emphasis on clashes has left a big imprint on UK rap culture, so personally I reckon the top UK rappers are built for a clash.

What are your thoughts? Which rappers would you like to see go head to head?

Here are some of our favourite Tweets on the topic so far:

"If at any point during the UK vs US clash I hear "Gun lean, man gun lean...." I'm applying for a US citizenship"

It's coming home..

When you hear “Gun lean on the beat aswell” straight after Jay Z finished his UK vs US clash verse..

Barz for Barz

👀👀..say no more

Rasta Mouse FTW


U.K royalty. TBT.


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