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KillaMoe shares his influences, discusses versatility and the importance of family & where you come from.

"If I didn’t go back home, I wouldn’t know what I know today”

From London to New York, Lashawna Rose and Mr I Am Next catch up with KillaMoe, who is just streets away from an empty Times Square.

Musically, KillaMoe shouts out Soulja Boy, “thats my favourite artist”, and Cheif Keef as his main U.S. inspirations, as well as London’s Local Goon and Canada’s Lil Berete. Not forgetting a random Italian artist he came across on TV the other day.

“Listen to my music, you’ll get to know who I am”

Influence also seems to come from film; KillaMoe learnt that the U.K. also makes drill music from watching 'The Intent' (now streaming on Netflix if you would like to cure Rona boredom), he also mentions music from the 2001 classic 'Ali' starring Will Smith, as well as the songs his mother showed him.

There sparks a chat on the power and importance of going back to your roots, touching on the struggles of an artist and dealing with real life at the same time;"Harlem is not the same..back then you could feel the love in the air .. now it’s just dry”.

That love was growing up around legends like Cam’ron, playing in basketball tournaments and rap battling with other kids.

This was all before being sent to live with family back home in Guinea, West Africa. KillaMoe learnt to appreciate what he has in New York, compared to his family in Africa; “It helped me a lot.. if I didn’t go back home, I wouldn’t know what I know today.. if I didn’t go I’d be in jail right now,”

“I'm only 23 years old and there’s people over there that are depending on me..that really opened my eyes.”

Whilst his track 'Shoot Em' is big in London, drill is also rising in NYC, particularly heating up in Brooklyn. This track may sound familiar to you, as it uses the same beat as used on the late legend Pop Smoke's track, 'Invincible'. Despite his track being released first, KillaMoe experienced was slight controversy over who owns the beat. He explains he paid for the beat, but didn’t get the exclusive rights and no agreements were made, a lesson to be learned.

As for the future, things are looking exciting for KillaMoe. With 2 tapes on the way, big things are coming.

“I’m gonna surprise y’all!”

Stream KillaMoe's latest release, 2cool4hollywood, Pt.2, here.

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