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I have listened to the whole Pop Smoke album Shoot for the Stars aim for the Moon. The overall vibe of it shows off his hard side and his softer side. These are my favorite songs on there.

44 Bulldog

I think this song is very prophetic. The song is talking about Pop Smoke and how he was a real shooter. One of the lines in the chorus is “know some n****s that’ll shoot you for nothing. In the aftermath of Pop Smoke’s death, I had reflected on gang violence and the culture for a while. If you grew up in poor neighborhoods as a kid this was a part of life; losing people due to gun violence. The song is what it is meant to be; hard and agressive. The song is named after his 44 Bulldog weapon. I did love one of his references to how people don’t get money cuz they are lazy. If you are really about it in any field you can make money is what Pop says. He even states that opps hate him because he flexes a lot. When you make it, you should flex. This is the point of gun violence. People have jealousy innately because they do not have what others have. When I think people in my life that I have lost to gun violence, it usually is from someone being jealous. It makes me reflect especially on Pop’s death.


This beat was a vibe from 808melo. It had the signature 808 slides. I loved how the beat was something like a creature with the wild and interesting synths. The bars from the song and the production lead to a real club banger. When I first heard it, I knew it would be a favorite in the playlist. Something I appreciate with the artistry of Pop Smoke is the way that his music naturally makes you want to dance and have fun. The song itself is talking about the things he is doing with his girls. It touches on the darkness of life when it comes to his relationships as well as his time in the trap house. I really like this because there is an acceptance of the darkness in life, but the fun that comes from it is shown with the bounce of this song.

Enjoy Yourself

This song is a cute love ballad and it showed off some versatility from Pop Smoke. It made me think of some of those 50 cent songs back in the day for the girls. It is cool to see a hard dude like Pop Smoke making love ballads. There is a certain endearing nature to being hard but soft on the inside. Karol G did a beautiful job with spanish lyrics throughout the song. It really shows the international vibe that Pop Smoke was looking to embody as an artist. The guitar in the background of this beat really stringed the song together.

The Woo

Lovely feature on this song. Roody Rich was a perfect choice for this beat. I also loved the addition of 50 cent. It was a nod to one of Pop’s main mentors. His flow was also not outdated by any means. I loved hearing the first line Pop had in the song referencing the candy shop. The song is talking about how a girl wants to mess with Pop Smoke. And who wouldn’t when you hear acoustic sounds along with a hard bassline and verses from Roddy Rich.


Another song on this album dedicated to a fine shawty. Shoutouts to Pop Smoke for the appreciation of ladies on this album. It is cool to hear how he was looking to evolve as an artist who was the life of the party, but also was ready to chill with a cute shawty at the end of the day. It shows a lot of confidence to be up front with these kinds of vibes. The beat on this one is smoother than the other songs on the album. It has a cute and chill vibe. He even sings slightly on this song too.

Tunnel Vision

This song says it in the title. It is focused. It is real and it cuts deep. It talks about his drive and goals to be a billionaire. He wants to get to the top. He has a force in him. I love that he himself realized that his life could end at any point. He stated a couple lyrics within the song. It also feels oddly prophetic. This is the outro to this whole album. And it shows that Pop Smoke was an innovator and he did bring a new flavor to the game.

Check the full project here. RIP Pop Smoke x

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