Words: Pete Wilson

The Carson Californian rapper REASON is a fairly new signee to the Top Dawg Entertainment, with one album under his belt.

REASON fits in well with the label, not just for his story telling and flow but mostly because he seems so at home rapping over classic sounding TDE instrumentals.

This beat is big and bass-y with all the tropes we’ve come to expect from the Carson County based label.

REASON is describing his come up on this, with the video inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist heightening the paranoid tone of the track.

Gangbanger gone golfer ScHoolboy Q trades in his Nine-Iron to punctuate the tail end of this story.

Groovy Q’s presence is felt whilst he paints a picture of his past and making it known just how well the golf life is treating him nowadays.

REASON’s signing to TDE can be justified simply for getting the labels oldheads to get out do more features.

Wet your appetite whilst you wait for the next Kendrick album with this one.


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