Words: Dinesh Mattu

“I’m dropping a mixtape thing on Soundcloud … DR4 throwaways,”

......read the tweet – yes, ‘throwaways’ he said.

Soulection-affiliated producer Sango has complied a selection of loosies which were seemingly not fire enough to make the cut for upcoming Da Rochina 4 – and has gifted the world a new ‘mixtape thing’ in the form of SANGOZINHO.

Over the years, Sango’s love affair with Brazilian Baile Funk has become more marital longevity than first date flirtation, to the extent where I – like many, thought he paved his way hailing from the streets of Rio, not Seattle.

The Carioca influence rings true on every beat of the joyous 8-track release and is an ode to the vibrant country whose sounds and flavours have been the centre-piece of his Da Rochina series. Since DR3 released in 2015, Sango has cemented his place as one of Hip-Hop’s most innovative producers, collaborating heavily with R&B crooner Xavier Omär, and most recently on the impeccable (and nowhere near long enough) Fufu & Grits with UK producer Juls.

A far cry from anything he’s done in recent memory, this is a reminder that Sango still has the versatility to step back into the South American-influenced sphere in which he made his name. SANGOZINHO is as delicious as an ice-cold Açaí Bowl on Copacabana beach – just make room for seconds because there’s way more on the way.

SANGOZINHO is out now.


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