Words: Nirav Doshi

South London artist Alexbedead returns with a brand-new single, entitled ‘Cura’.

On ‘Cura’, Alexbedead floats seamlessly on a smooth lo-fi production. It is definitely a song that you can find yourself relaxing to anywhere, especially in the sun. There’s a soulfulness to it, and this is aided by the remarkable pocket that the artist finds himself rapping in.

What is also notable about this song is the artists’ eloquent rhyme scheme, which draws the listener in and makes for an ethereal and pleasant overall vibe.

Not many in the UK have this sound that Alexbedead showcases on ‘Cura’, and this is why close attention should be paid to the artist, whose talent is clear for everyone to see. Listen to ‘Cura’ by Alexbeadead here:


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