Words: E-S0$a

As an artist, you should have responsibility. If you are not making music that addresses what is currently happening in life, then you are irrelevant. If you do not have the guts to speak on injustice, then you are not an artist for the people. You have selfish means. Art is made for communities. I would think that with everything happening with George Floyd and various injustices occurring, that you would speak out on it.

I also think of people who are staying silent as a problem as well. You may not be adding flame to the fire, but you surely are stating your stance with silence. This goes especially for any POC artist. I think that it is somewhat expected for non POC’s to keep quiet, but if you are a POC and you stay quiet during this time, you are endorsing the societal matrix of racial inequality.

Read the Room. This is the phrase people must think about. If you cannot even attempt to make music in this way, you are fooling yourself. I think my music taste over the years has been shaped by artists who have had the gumption to take a stance. If you do not serve anyone outside yourself, you lack true value. This is the essence of capitalistic pigs who only care about money and power. When you look closely, these same ideologies are present with artists who do not want to take a stand and be a voice of truth.

Do not get me wrong, making money is not bad, and pushing yourself entrepreneurially is not bad either. You must realize the importance of a community though. You are selling products to a community as a business owner or entrepreneur. Think deeply about your value proposition to people. Why would you not make something for people and their real needs. People are angry, people are upset, and they want hope. Start making more music about that and change the narrative.

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