Words: E-S0$a

Godfather of Drill LD (67), just beat his latest case, the South London rapper was set to face up to 9 years but has now had the previous charges dropped and is set for early release later this year!

The news has come as he gets ready to release his latest project, ‘Who's Watching', set for release in August this year. Plus, the latest single ‘Free Smoke' is out now. Here's what we make of it.

When I first heard the beat for this song, I thought about an old video game theme song. Then when you hear the flow on this song, it has a fun choppy and unhinged flow from both LD and S Loud respectively. The video that was dropped with this does fit with the vibe I got from the song as well. It is a fun animated short that gives a simulated reality vibe to the song as a whole.

The song itself, Free Smoke, is truly a bunch of bars after bars packed into a song. This song is a direct challenge to anyone that wants to talk down to LD. The opening line, “I blow smoke on every estate that’s talking my name”, sets the tone for the rest of the song. If you look at the video that goes with this song, you will notice that the song is directed at various animated caricatures of London drill artists in the game currently, including Headie One, Wiley, Unknown T, Loski and more. The animation of them all in this video and the bars directed at them was a fun combo, and it is pretty comical, honestly. Most of this animated short is based in a classroom setting as well.

This continues to show the fact that LD is here to teach everyone in the game a lesson or two, even when he is locked up.

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