Words: Pete Wilson

The return of Kung Fu Kenny is near

Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT of the last decade - prove me wrong.

Kendrick released 4 (and a half) albums in the 2010’s. All are critically acclaimed as well as commercial hits.

Kendrick’s lyrics have made him one the most lauded poets of the 21st century, winning a Pulitzer Prize for his most recent album Damn.

So any sniff of new music gets the IAMNEXT team gassed.

Yesterday on a live stream, Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Antony Tiffith said, “Stay patient King Kendrick will return soon.”

This adds to rumours from back in January. Former Billboard editorial director, Bill Werde, said that Kendrick had finished recording his new project and it contains a heavy rock influence.

Considering Kendrick’s run over the last decade I don’t think we’re alone in feeling really very impatient for new material.

Let us know what you want to see in Kendrick’s latest project.

In the meantime, lets reminisce:


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