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I chat to Lee Scott about Cult Mountain 2.5 and how he’s handling the lockdown.

Rapper and producer Lee Scott has been on the UK Hip Hop scene forever, putting out a constant stream of records since the mid-naughties. The Blah Records co-founder is perhaps best known through his label collective Cult Mountain, whose loyal fan base live up to the namesake.

With a new vinyl release, Cult Mountain 2.5, I caught up with Lee to see what he’s been up to in Lockdown and what to expect next from Blah.

I asked if he was taking the time to revisit old projects or work on anything new, “Yea I mean, I’m working on stuff like always, organising stuff that isn’t out or fully mixed and that.”

“Since the Lockdown stuff I’ve been making a lot more beats, going through vinyl and sampling and doing that sort of stuff. I normally have less patience for digging through samples for hours.”

If you are familiar with Lee’s work this might get you excited. One of my favourite records of his is ‘Nice Swan’ that heavily uses all kinds of unorthodox samples:

I asked whether the lockdown has affected his musical process, “To be honest overall it’s not affecting me too much, I’ve self isolated many times before.

“The target of my usual anxious paranoia might have switched and I seem to be having way more weird as fuck dreams but that tends to happen when strange things are happening I guess.”

Him and I both.

I asked if we could expect any more vinyl releases over the lockdown, “Just entirely depends on how long this shit goes on for.” He was then quick to highlight, “The next Blah records vinyl will be Black Josh’s new album Mannyfornia.”

The Cult mountain 2.5 is available to pre-order on vinyl now.

It starts shipping May 4th and goes digital 25th. Those that buy the vinyl will hear it before those that have to wait until it goes online.

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