Words: Arenma Ahonsi

“IF YOU DON’T KNOW… NOW YOU KNOW” (The Notorious B.I.G., 1994)



SOUND: Trap, Rap, Alt-Rap

FEELING: Spacey, Raw, High Energy

IG: @tjtuckerama

Although not many are aware of the talent that is TjTUCKER, I fear that when more people discover his music, the spacey production will drive some to try to box him (as people do) and I encourage that they do not. Hidden within the spacey beats that are mainly produced by Fortytwosound, TjTUCKER takes us on a trip through the depths of his mind and the thoughts that dominate it with his introspective raps.

On Riide, TjTUCKER paints a picture of what companionship looks like for him: good company, no stress and a good time (hehe). This is another Fourtytwosound production and the spacey introduction ushers us into the mind state that TjTUCKER would be in and his take on what an ideal relationship for him looks like for him. Ladies, as long as you’re down for him, he’s down for you.

'TJTUCKER has spent the last few years laying the foundation for what is set to be a long and successful career.'

Although TjTUCKER is his own individual, sonic comparisons can be made to the likes of Travis Scott and even House of Pharaohs; the latter he opened up for in Leeds in October of last year while still at university. Videos of the performance showed the he has the stage presence to add to his artistry.

The crisis that is corona virus saw TjTUCKER go back into the depths of his mind to relay to us a collection of feelings and emotions that a lot of people have been feeling during this time. This collection of feelings was what formed the 6-track playlist that covered topics such as love, disappointment and the need to succeed. The tracks were dropped weekly to keep his fans well fed but also wanting more and to bring in new fans in the process.

TJTUCKER has spent the last few years laying the foundation for what is set to be a long and successful career. The fact that he also has a hand in the Leeds radio circuit with his VibesOnly Radio outfit shows that this success will extend beyond making music.


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