Words: E-S0$a

When I first saw the visual for this song, I was intrigued by what sounds were coming for this song. Ghetts gave us a hard hitting afrocentric grime vibe on this song. It is a song for the lifestyle of people on the streets internationally. The chorus of the song was great with Moonchild Sanelly on the hook. She gave a nice flavor and vibe to the song with her singing. The song is all about the life that people do not know about on the streets. The focus on the international streets is interesting and a bit of a fresh perspective. Jaykae had an amazing verse on this track as well. The video for this song had a lot going on. The color scheme was indicative of the African influence. Various art forms were derived from darkened faces, as well as vibrant colors. The colors were bright, but the video was grainy with intention. The narrative of this whole song was focused on the storytelling of what happens to anyone involved in this type of lifestyle internationally.

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