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2020: The Year of The Remix?

'Say So'; the track that broke records, broke TikTok (aka the new internet), is back. This time with a garage twist from Liverpool based G33 and West London's Soulstate.

IMO, this is better than the Official Remix featuring Nicki Minaj (apologies to all barbs reading this). Luckily for me, I got to quiz the wonderful G33 on keeping creative in such a bizarre time, collaboration and other creatives she's backing right now..

IAMNEXT: How long have you been DJing and producing for?


G33: "I’ve been DJing properly probably since December! I got into a bit last summer, my friends got me a course at Pirate studios for my birthday then I caught the bug and bought a controller and messed around here and there within the realms of my bedroom, but I’d say I started taking it seriously December time!

Getting bookings and playing out helped a lot, I’m defo always learning, but playing out was a massive game changer for me! Producing I’ve literally just started, so very early days! Always been something I’ve been interested though, I love edits, my SoundCloud likes are full of them, so I thought I’d give it a go!"

"playing out was a massive game changer for me!"

IAMNEXT: Is this your first edit?

G33: "This is my first edit yeah! Between the days I do nothing but eat crisps in bed, I thought I’d give it a go, always something I wanted to try and get into. I started off mad confident, thinking this sounds sick! But as time went on I felt like I was a little out of my depth. I think ultimately I lost confidence in it, so I collab’d and worked on it with someone else and we did it together!

SoulState is a sick garage producer, I always say 2 heads are better than one and this was deffo the case for this edit. The power of collaboration is crazy. There's something really nice about knowing we came together without ever meeting up to work on it, and we were able to produce something especially during a time where a lot of people’s motivation and drive is flat. Mine definitely is some days, so having someone else boost that energy for me was great.

I learnt a lot and it helped having someone else to make decisions with, we both offered a lot, I’m a bit of a perfectionist / control freak but he stuck with me and my mad erratic mind which was sick. I want to make more, not just garage edits, I get bit obsessive with things, so I know this won’t be the only edit I put out! Got nothing but time to work on producing as well!

IAMNEXT: What made you think UKG and Doja Cat would make such a great combo?

G33: "I got an acapella of the song and sped it up a bit and thought this would songs like an old UKG vocal. I got the Girls Like Us instrumental and played around and it seemed to fit really well!

I love garage, I grew up listening to it and think it has a massive place in a lot of people’s hearts. I was lucky enough to do a warm up set for Conducta a couple months back which was just mad, he’s a big name in the UKG scene. Everyone was on top form, you don't often hear a lot of garage being played out anymore, maybe only commercial stuff in my experience. I like new garage edits, old classics - I always think it’s one of those genres that you can’t not like? It reminds me of summer, so perfect timing really!"

G33 warming up for Conducta at Cirque Du Soul in Liverpool, Hangar 34

IAMNEXT: Do you have any tips for other creatives in lockdown?

G33: "It’s a hard time man. Easier said than done, but don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s easy to compare yourself to other people as well who may be putting out work, promoting ideas or making constant content - everyone is different, we’re not all wired the same and everyone is going to be reacting and experiencing different things. There’s no ‘right’ way to be navigating emotions and routine right now, be kind to yourself."

"There’s no ‘right’ way to be navigating emotions and routine right now, be kind to yourself."

IAMNEXT: Is there anything you would like to plug?

G33: "I’d like to plug my event SouthSounds, we showcase young talent in South London and are always looking to connect with new artists so check us out!

My mate Mair Howell's campaign surrounding alcohol spiking is incredible, she’s been working really hard on it during lockdown and it deserves a lot of support and recognition for a very important cause.

And my brother @cheytheguy’s event Free Yard. They’ve been putting on some mad Insta lives, visuals out of this world and blending live music with DJing, go check them!!!"




G33 is also a key, emerging figure in Liverpool's music scene championing those around her. You can download the track below to donate to Liverpool based charity that works and helps women and men who have been victims of sexual and domestic abuse. If you want to buy and download the track, name your price!

All proceedings will go to RASA Merseyside.



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