Words: E-S0$a

The visuals for this song just dropped. Jorja Smith did an awesome job in this sweet rendition of a song. The song “By Any Means” is indicating how much Jorja wants to instill into people the importance of fighting towards social justice. The solution to liberation must come through any means.

This song was produced and cowritten by Ezrah Roberts-Grey. Ezrah is not a well known producer, but to be making a soulful song for Jorja Smith is no joke. The beat and overall production left me feeling sunk into the depths of the lyrics and message. It was a very luscious environment created that allows Jorja to pierce through with her voice.The video for this song really painted a scene of the streets of London and black citizens. It was nice to see some friends and acquaintances even depicted in the video. Shoutouts to meeting people like Damn Shaq in London and recognizing them. ( IG - @damnshaq).

A lot of what is happening in London in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement is ignored because of a heavily American influenced media consumption of Black Lives Matter. London, as well as other cities across the globe, also goes through racial inequity and racial bigotry. It was good to see Jorja Smith represent her home and show the importance of focusing on that narrative.

Here are some of the most interesting lyrics from the song in my opinion:

“Too much time to be patient

All this time you be feeding us lies

Ain't no truth in your statements

Too much pain in these little white lies

You left here

All this time tryna figure out how

We still her”

“Did you think we would forget, how?

Too many destinies, too many sentences

Read now, read now

See all this pain in the headlines

But I have cried for the last time

But know what happens, see

You would be blind if it was just an eye for an eye”

Jorja Smith has a way of bringing out the sad and darker realities through her voice. It is especially powerful in the message and visuals attached to this song.


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