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End of the Wicked - Cruel Santino, Octavian

Santi returns as Cruel Santino with the first musical release of his own since the highly

acclaimed ‘Mandy and the Jungle’ last year. Following their collaboration on ‘Poison’ with

Obongjayar, Cruel Santino and Octavian team up again for ‘End of The Wicked’. With

everything going on in the world right now, this is a fitting title and is taken from a 1999

movie of the same name.

PMW – Potter Payper

Straight after returning from prison, Potter Payper blessed fans with a new EP, entitled 2020

Vision. ‘PMW’ is a standout from this EP as the Essex rapper reflects on juggling the music

life with the road life. Over 5ive Beatz production (long-time Nines collaborator), Payper

drops an infectious hook, an effortless flow and delivers bar after bar as if he hadn’t been

away for the last three years. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the UK scene

catches up to the raw raps of Potter Payper.

Lockdown - Anderson .Paak

"They throw away black lives like paper towels." 

Examining the injustice and confusion of recent events, Anderson .Paak brings his signature style to speak on the #BlackLivesMatter movement with a powerful message and accompanying visuals. Set against a familiar summery groove that has become his staple, his tone on this one is poignant and somber as he reflects on racial injustice, police brutality, mass unemployment and COVID-19. Its powerful video, directed by frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator Dave Meyers, features a cast including SiR, Dominic Fike and Syd amongst others, with a guest verse from Jay Rock.

Field N***a - Reason

The song was well produced firstly. The beat on it was super simple and melodic. The song itself is a tale on the life of being a Field N***a through times of slavery. It also touches on the current day situation of black people. People are still seen as Field N***a’s. It touches on the topics of destitution as well as black empowerment. The song had a section where it breaks down the story of a black man who had his wife raped by his white master and caused her to be pregnant. This descriptive narrative then transforms into how some white people treat black people in the current times.

Move Like A Boss - Fivio Foreign, Young M.A.

This song has an epic feeling to it based on the production. There is a classical symphony sample laid throughout this bass knocking drill beat. Fivio Foreign came in hot with a smooth verse on this track. Definitely a song that is meant to be an anthem for how people should be moving. I was bouncing to the flows and beat easily. Young M.A. came in with a strong verse of their own to close out this track on a high note.

Song 33 - Noname

This has been the conversation piece of many twitter debates over the last week. Noname vs J. Cole. Firstly, I think it is a wild time to be alive because we are having rap beefs over social wokeness levels. I will not go into the details of how this beef occurred, but I will state some opinions on Noname’s song.

It started off extremely strong with the phrase, “I saw a demon on my shoulders, it’s looking like patriarchy”. That one phrase effectively synopsized and destroyed anything that J. Cole wrote in his song. The song itself is about 1 minute long, but that says a lot. Noname effectively is saying that there shouldn’t be time wasted when people like George Floyd, Toyin, and others are being killed in this current state of affairs.

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