Words: Pete Wilson

Fresh off his most recent Just Jam set from his bedroom, M.I.C tells us how he’s handling lockdown and what’s next for the Master of Inane Conversation.

M.I.C has burst onto the UK scene with energy, and has quickly transcended the mould of a grime MC.

He is an a-typical rapper. His bars are packed with personal insight and he thrives when tackling thorny topics.

I asked if the quarantine is making him climb the walls with boredom, he responded, that apart from the UK government, “I have been loving lockdown.”

M.I.C has been taking the time to do what we probably all should be doing and work on himself, “I have been super busy learning new skills and refining old ones.”

Taking advantage of guitar sessions on Fenders website M.I.C says, “When this lockdown is done, I’m going to be a machine.”

He qualified, “spending time with my housemates, playing animal crossing and watching anime are preserving my emotional wellbeing right now, I can’t front.”

I asked what he was listening to at the moment, “Oh, and YS Tekdinner’s tune “Fuck Corona” is slapping!”

After that daily play M.I.C’s listening to Doon Kanda’s latest album ‘Labryinth’ Maison2500 and Jay Trench’s EP ‘Turnpike', and Yves Tumor’s 'Heaven to a Tortured Soul'.

And a lot of Cocteau Twins, “which is what I am normally listening to to be honest.”

M.I.C’s got a style that is different to a lot of UK rappers, citing Tyler the Creator, JME and Cassidead as some of his big influences. M.I.C said on this,

“I think my style is a distillation of my very odd life experiences and my broad music taste, so there are probably too many influences to definitively list.”

“Expressing my true idiosyncratic self through my art is very important to me.”

I asked what we can expect next from M.I.C, “As I mentioned before, I have been busy this quarantine."

M.I.C has a new single out on May 29th and a bunch more music over the course of the year.

Keep an eye out for this one.

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