Text: Milly Lupton

Despite the fact we can't go out right now, there's more online, indoor-friendly creativity going on than ever.

As we have some time on our hands, we've compiled a short list of the best, uplifting mixes you should check out.

1. DJ Nate / Rinse FM

Get a drink and get in the sun, even if it's through a window.

2. Jordss / Rinse FM

The edits queen. Whack this one on for the Friday night house party sessions.

3. ANZ / NTS Radio

A variety of tunes, taking us back to her roots. This show is dedicated to the rich variety of music from Nigeria.

4. Chloedees / NTS Radio

Sit back, relax and enjoy the good vibrations on Chloedees' latest reggae mix.

5. Blasé Vanguard / Reprezent Radio

Live from Trinidad & Tobago, this ones fire. A live clash with 3 teams, you decide the winner.

Maybe play this loud if you don't live with your parents?

Stay safe, keep raving, stay home.

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